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DK Progress Report Seminars 2018/19

Wednesdays, 5pm, MFPL room 6.507 30' + 15'
Heinrich Bente (OMS)
Ploidy-dependent paramutation in Arabidopsis thaliana
Matthew Clarke (CC) Identification of suppressors of Chromosomal Passenger Complex mutants in budding yeast
07.11.2018 Madhwesh Coimbatore Ravichandran (CC) Pathways from Chromosomal Instability to Optimized Complex Karyotypes
Bart Dequeker (KT)

How does the MCM replicative helicase organize interphase chromatin architecture?

21.11.2018 Joachim Garbrecht (AD) Centrosome Assembly and Maintenance in C. elegans
Bhagyshree Jamge (FB) Role of H2A variants in shaping the chromatin state landscape in Arabidopsis thaliana
12.12.2018 Carolina Saad (PS) Understanding meiotic DNA double strand break formation in plants
09.01.2019 Ignacio Prusen (PS) Cohesion in plants: characterization of AtSORORIN and dynamics of the cohesin complex upon DNA DSBs
Anna Schmücker (FB) Subfunctionalization of two H2A variants in Arabidopsis
23.01.2019 Paraskevi Tserou (VJ) LMN-1 modifications affect chromosome movement during meiosis
Viktoria Prast (FK)

Vpr1 - a novel player in meiotic DSB repair

30.01.2019 Faye Wheeler (PS) Functional relevance of Watson/Crick disparity of Spo11-oligos at meiotic DSB sites
Theodor Marsoner (CC)

Function of microtubule binding by the chromosomal passenger complex in chromosome biorientation


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